Simple Guidelines for Student Dramaturges

This document is a work in progress, designed for my students at the University of Central Florida. It will hopefully be helpful to other folks wanting to start working as dramaturges.

Die Hamletmaschine – Glossary by Line

This document was created for a dramaturgy course in late 2006. It has since been used by several different productions. It was not designed for production, however, but as a way to occupy my time while taking the course.

Rent – Glossary

This document was created for Florida State University’s production of the musical in early 2010. It was directed by my colleague Fred Chappell. The glossary has since been used by Jenna Tamisiea for a 2014 production at the Glow Lyric Theatre in Greenville, South Carolina.

Alice in Wonderland – Glossary

This glossary was created for a production of Madge Miller’s adaptation of the novel directed by Susan Myburgh. Alice was staged in 2010 by Endstation Theatre Company; this was my first year working for them.

Our Town – Selected Glossary

This was crafted mostly for my own amusement, but also for the cast and design team of a 2014 production of Our Town in Lynchburg’s Old City Cemetery. I co-directed with Geoffrey Kershner.